Founded in 2017, we are a group of passionate young developers based in Singapore, who love to create games, build software, and design websites! As students, we have participated in numerous coding competitions and have won many, including one that was organised by Amazon Web Services.

Build amazing SAAS websites & mobile apps

We offer various package solutions to accomodate different businesses and their needs to scale up their website in line with their expanding workforce and customer base.


Team Spotlight

OCL TeamA creative bunch based in Singapore

Aamuel Chua
Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder
Gabriel Seet
CEO & Co-Founder
Jeremy Tok
Julia Lim
Lead Developer
Cody Tan
Marketing Director
Karan Sharma
Video Graphic Designer
Hansen Lim
Chief Information Officer
Conan Zhang
Chief Community Officer
Deborah Yeo
Marketing Coordinator