Our Products

We specialise in 3 main categories, and they are:

Software • Games • Websites

We do client-based projects as well as internal and external projects. For CodeLab Community, you can get to use our products on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

For Client-based projects, do contact us at


Custom Websites and Software

We build custom software and websites for our clients. From basic webpages to full fledge websites, we aim to meet your goals and expectations to grow your business and project.

Mobile Games and Software

Impossible Cookie

Game - Available to all

Impossible Cookie is a simple game concept. You will have to tap onto the cookie to collect them before the timer runs out. Save humanity before it is too late!

Aviation Management

Game - Available to all

Aviation Management is an aviation realistic game that allows you to build your dream virtual airline. This is the first game we have started on when The Innovation Studios was founded.

Data Analysis

Software - Client Project

Stock Market Analysis is one of the software we have built to analyse the stock market index. This is a client-based project but essentially, we created the tools as specified for our clients to further aid in their trading workflow.

Classic Tic Tac Toe

Game - Available to all

TIC TAC TOE is a game that almost everyone knows how to play. We grew up with these games. Now, times have changed. We went ahead to bring back our childhood game right into our palms.

My Business Partner

Software - Available to all

Technology has evolved over the years, giving rise to young businesses to grow and thrive on social media. My Business Partner is a way for businesses to keep track of their orders, customers as well as products. The Software also gives you the ability to directly contact your customers through the software via SMS or Email.

Idle Boards

Software - Available to all

Ever want to have a quick and simple way to pen down your thoughts and ideas? Idle Boards aims to do just that and so much more. Idle Boards is a Producitivity tool that enables you to express yourself through Text, Images and Voice. Simply Drag the Boards around the Project Canvas and together, we can ideate on the go.

Many more projects coming soon...

Meanwhile, do check out our TIS Community on Discord Server as we will publish more news and updates on it, see you online!

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Being part of OCL Public Beta, you will get to have early access to unreleased version of mobile applications. Whether you are an iOS user or an Android user, we will grant you early access to these products.

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